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September 2015

Adopt-A-Trail Action Part 2

From 5/1/5015 through 9/6/2015: 540 hours of volunteer labor put into trails around Big Bear through our Adopt A Trail program. And NONE of this is Administrative or Office work. All dirt, all on your trails, through the work of YOU!!! From big groups to small collections of friends, it takes all kinds to care for our trails. See the complete list of trails and people, as well as information on how you can get involved in Adopt-A-Trail.            

August 2015

Adopt-A-Trail Action Part 1

So far so good with our Adopt-A-Trail program; we have 20 sections of trail adopted as of the beginning of August, 2015. From big groups to small collections of friends, it takes all kinds to care for our trails. See the complete list of trails and people, as well as information on how you can get involved in Adopt-A-Trail. Here are some pictures of the people generously helping out with Fern, Skyline and Castle Rock trails through this program: Sandra Simper and Robyn McQuade have been taking care of Fern Trail all summer long.   Sandra and [...]

Lake Fire Information on Trails

Beginning on June 17th, 2015, the Lake Fire burned parts of the San Bernardino National Forest, the San Gorgonio Wilderness, BLM land, and private land tracts in Southern California. Source documents can be found here. A good overview of the after burn situation can be found here, in the Burned Area Emergency Response Assessment (BAER) Power Point Presentation. Below are excerpts from the full Lake Fire Burned Area Report regarding Trails: S. Transportation System Trails: 37.6 miles Roads: 25.6 miles (NFS) 2) Trails Emergency conditions exist for specific trails and sections of trail within the burned area. These emergency conditions [...]

July 2015

Does the Forest Service litter in the Forest?

Give a hoot, don't pollute! Remember this saying? Woodsy the Owl encouraged many of us to keep our forest beautiful and put litter where it belongs; in the garbage can. For the most part, our trails in the Big Bear area are pretty free of trash, with some exceptions. Hit a bike trail, especially after a race, and you're likely to run across a gel wrapper. Wait until the snow melts at trails near roads, and you're bound to find scraps of sleds and trash left by snowplay tourists. If you spend much time out on the trails in our [...]

2 Ways to Volunteer on the Trails: 7/29 and 8/1

Action is headed your way...come join us! 1: Wednesday, July 29th build the Pirates Trail on the South Shore of Big Bear Lake 2: Saturday, August 1st be a Bike Valet at the Tour de Big Bear. Pirates Trail Build: Breaking Trail Day on 7/29! This used to be a mainstream hiking and biking trail, but back in 2011 it was made into a big dirt road to aid with fuels reduction activities. USFS officials promised that it would come back as a trail, and now it's finally happening. See the Grizzly article here. Wednesday, July 29th meet at the [...]

Field Assessment Data Collection

Currently available GIS Information includes all known routes in the forest, both system and non-system. Using this information as a basis, all non-system routes will be field verified and data will be collected. If additional routes are discovered, they will be walked and collected for insertion into GIS data set. Primary Objective: collect data on non-system routes to identify areas where human impact has created opportunities for hydrological erosion that are potentially damaging to the watershed. Secondary Objective: collect date and observations on non-system routes to identify the needs of non-motorized recreational trail users. Collection Data: Route Length: 100 meters [...]

June 2015

National Trails Day and Gary Keller Super Volunteer

This last Saturday saw 100+ people out in the woods working on the Pine Knot Trail up here in Big Bear for National Trails Day. Many fantastic things happened during the day, but for me the highlight was to be able to recognize Gary Keller in front of so many people for his good work, and present him with the Golden Pulaski Award. Gary has been with the Trails Foundation from the beginning and is an incredibly solid, dedicated and nice man. Time and again he's volunteered his time to work on trails, at events, and as the treasurer for [...]

May 2015

Trail Work 2015

  The Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation invites you to come wield a rake, mccleod, pulaski or shovel and get a bit dirty doing some good on the trails. 2015 Schedule Trail Work on Siberia Creek: May 16th. Big trails, big views, big commitment. This will be a full day of hiking down to our work area, opening up trail, having lunch, and then making our way back. Trail Work on National Trails Day: June 6th. We’ll be working with the Southern California Mountains Foundation to host a Trail Work Day on the South Shore network. Trail Work during the [...]

April 2015

Trails Update: Heading into Summer 2015

Most of the trail time this year has been spent exploring potential new trails and pouring over trail laws and regulations. Here we go... Big Bear Non-Motorized Recreational Trail Network Plan Big push right now is a long term trail network that connects all of the Big Bear Valley. This plan will utilize existing system trails, essential non-system trails, and necessary new connecting trails to provide access to the forest from both established trail heads as well as residential areas of the Big Bear Valley. With assistance from the USFS, we have a solid map of the entire Big Bear [...]

Mammoth to build new Big Bear bike trail in 2015?

It's been in the works for a while, and it's well needed: a green trail that runs from the top of Snow Summit down to Towne Trail. This is going through the NEPA process right now, so it's especially relevant to us as we look to introduce more trails into the system over the next several years. YOUR COMMENTS are requested by the Forest Service, so please get involved. Info: Comments: Here's the official notice: The Mountaintop Ranger District of the San Bernardino National Forest is initiating a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis for the Green Trail [...]

February 2015

Can Erosion and Illegal Trails Get Along?

By Caroline Blake At the University of Vermont (UVM), I remember not wanting to walk on the concrete sidewalk between the Student Center and the Library because it was not convenient. Instead, I joined thousands of other students who took the shortcut straight across the grass of the University Green. In time our beautiful green had a noticeable brown path across it that our feet had eroded. Without knowing it, we had created our own trail. A user-created trail like this is made by repeated human use and was not originally designed or built by urban or backcountry planners. Eventually, [...]

January 2015

Newsletter: The Plan for 2015

Right now most of the activity is office based, planning out projects, talking to people, and getting organized. Soon, though, there will be action. Here's what's on tap for 2015: Big Bear Non-Motorized Recreational Trail Network Plan We've had a good amount of trail building happen over the last several years, and while it's exciting, it's also been done without any kind of long term plan or vision for the Big Bear area. For good or bad, this is exactly what the new District Ranger wants before any more trails are built or redesigned. I agree with him 100%; we [...]

October 2014

15 Miles of Skyline Complete. Whew.

September 27th saw our final volunteer push to open up the last bit of the Skyline Trail. We all worked for 3 hours, and then just about 50 people witnessed as Gary Keller (BBVTF) and Jeanette Granger (USFS) cut the dual ribbons, marking 2 years and countless hours of work to get this wonderful trail open to the public. As time goes on we will monitor usage, wear and tear, erosion, and user preferences, and we'll make tweaks and adjustments. But for now, we're taking a little bit of a break. Thanks to EVERYONE who has supported this project, in [...]

September 2014

Final Build Days on Skyline Trail

After more than 2 years of work, we're within sight of finally finishing the Skyline Trail! Please come join us and help finish off this trail: September 10: Evening session 5-6:30pm September 13: Morning session 9am-noon September 24: Evening session 5-6:30pm September 27: Morning session 9am-noon. These are your last chances to be involved in the construction of new trail on Skyline. Where: We will meet at Aspen Glen Picnic Area and drive 5 minutes up to the work area. Provided: trail tools, instruction and leadership, water and snacks. Needed: clothes that can get dirty, work gloves, a water bottle, [...]

August 2014

Big Bear sends delegates to IMBA World Summit

In the mountain biking world, the International Mountain Bicycling Association, or IMBA, is a big deal. They create, enhance, and preserve great mountain bike experiences on a national and international level. With 50 full time employees and more than 35,000 members, they are the largest and most influential mountain bike advocacy group in the world. Every two years IMBA hosts a World Summit, and this year Big Bear has been invited by our regional IMBA representative to attend this conference in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Four Big Bear delegates, representing the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation, Big Bear Cycling, the city [...]

July 2014

July Newsletter

First off, North Skyline is just about open and ridable. Secondly, we've got "You Are Here" trail maps up all over the South Shore area. Thirdly, we're starting to figure out the potentials for a new trail up the western side of Sugarloaf Peak...Sugarlump Ridge. Before we go into details, though, we need your help to get these trails into great shape. Here are 2 upcoming times to build trail with the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation: Saturday, July 5th and Saturday, July 19th When: 9am - 12pm. Where: We will meet at Aspen Glen Picnic Area and drive 5 [...]

June 2014

New Trail Potential – Sugarlump Ridge?

One of the most stunning vistas in the Big Bear area comes from a seldom visited place; Sugarlump Ridge. This knife ridge, linking Sugarloaf Mountain and Sugarlump Peak (the top of Bear Mountain's Geronimo Ski Run), has a faint foot trail running it's length and offers a possibility for a new destination hike in Big Bear that will draw locals and visitors alike. PLEASE NOTE: right now this is NOT a system trail. As such we are not encouraging you to use this trail, only to consider it as concept and potential project.     Looking at current USFS Maps, [...]

1st Six Months of 2014 Trail Work

To date in 2014, the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation has invested 250 hours of volunteer labor into the trails of Big Bear. This does not include any of our administrative time, meetings, or National Trails Day (which was a huge chunk all by itself). We're getting there. If you haven't joined us yet this year, please come help us build, fix, maintain, and fine tune; our effort at making Big Bear a great place to be on the trail. If you have joined us this year...THANK YOU! 

Skyline Status 6/15/2014

Two new miles of singletrack have officially been added to Big Bear's South Shore trail system. Eastern Skyline, dubbed the Plumber's Section because of an older non-system trail originally in the vicinity, offers a connection between Upper Skyline and Fern Trail that keeps you off Forest Road 2N10. Right now the trail is rough, with dry, powdery dirt, some steep grades, ruts from the recent races, and general unevenness that comes from a freshly cut trail. We're hoping time, work, and moisture will pack this trail down into a equally viable bidirectional route that hikers, bikers and equestrians alike can [...]

May 2014

National Trails Day Event June 7th

Celebrate National Trails Day by volunteering to help develop trails in Big Bear! Build new sections of the Skyline Trail in the morning, enjoy a complimentary lunch, and then join us on an afternoon guided mountain bike ride. Participating volunteers will receive a free scenic sky chair access pass which can be redeemed the day of the event or any day during the 2014 summer season and a free t-shirt. Check-in at the Snow Summit Mountain Resort parking lot at 8:30am on Saturday, June 7th. Trail work beings at 9am and finishes at noon. Event is limited to 100 volunteers [...]

March 2014

Trail Reports and Repair 2014

It's time to clean up our trails after the winter season. We need your help! Step One: Report Trees down, sections washed out, overgrowth areas. Emergency repairs needed get trails back in usable condition. From the PCT to Skyline, we need to know what you're seeing out there that needs help. Step Two: Repair We'll organize volunteer trail repair teams, provide hand tools and chainsaws, and then head out and make things happen. Please report conditions to or post on our facebook page.   Trail Reports:  

Winter 2014 Trails Update

Here's what's happening with the trails right now in Big Bear: Weather: very little snow. Trails that are normally covered in 3 feet of snow have been open all winter. While we're enjoying biking at 8,000 feet on Skyline in January, the joy is tempered a bit by the realization that we'll probably somehow have to account for this dry winter in the future. Signage: we've had several days of slamming brown carsonite signs into the ground over the last couple of months. We're approaching 250 signs installed, helping us to help visitors and locals alike find their way around [...]

November 2013

Get Involved in 2014: Our Projects

Monday, November 11th, 2013 brought a whole slew of excited people to the upstairs of the Captain's Anchorage, where we talked shop about trails in Big Bear. As we move forward into 2014 and a brand new year for the Trails Foundation, here's what's on our plate: 2014 Projects NEW TRAILS Obtain approvals for Sugarloaf to Sugarlump Trail. Explore feasibility of Baldwin Lake Loop and Ride Park. Complete the South Shore System in partnership with USFS. SIGNS, MAPS, & DIRECTIONAL INFORMATION Complete installation of South Shore trail (brown "carsonite”) signs. Plan, manufacture, and install trailhead signs and directional signs at [...]

Skyline Update 11/17/2013

Here's the official update  on Skyline Trail, as of 11/17/2013: The Trails Foundation rented a mini-excavator for a week and rough cut 8/10 of a mile of fresh trail. Similar to the process on Upper Skyline, this machine rough cut still needs a good amount of hand work and compaction to be ready for use. Halfway through this section is a tough little piece that needs to be built by hand. Stay tuned for a, weather permitting, final trail build day of 2013 to work on this machine-proof section. We also used the machine to rework some corners on upper [...]

October 2013

Trail Roundup on 11/11/2013: All Invited

Annual Update and Campaign To Attract Good People To Help The last year has seen a lot of trail action happening up here in Big Bear. We've been witness to a strong surge in outdoor related events, for both bikers and trail runners. We've cheered as Snow Summit finally built a downhill mountain bike park. Here at the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation, we've spent a lot of time up on the South Shore Trail System, working closely with the Forest Service to help this incredible network of trails fulfill its true potential. With all of these happenings, here's a [...]

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First trail work of the year began this morning in near single digit temps, with the president of the Big Bear Cycling Association helping us relocate interpretive sign panels on the Alpine Pedal ... See more

4 months ago

Ever run into a downed tree, washed out trail section, or a portion of trail that could use some love?
You can do something about it!
Even if you don't have the tools or time you can report it ... See more

4 months ago

Welcome to Jeni, Nicole, Gwen, Julia, Christie, and Steve, our newest Trail Hosts! March 30 is our next Trail Host Training, 8:30am~11:30am at the Big Bear Discovery Center.

5 months ago

Even (or especially) if you live under a rock, you've no doubt seen the effects of the massive rainfall and snow melt in Big Bear and beyond. Once you get back on your feet and on the trail, remember ... See more

5 months ago
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It's been incredible to see our community, in all it's many forms, taking action to keep our land clean during a snow play season amid a government shutdown. Random good citizens cleaned up ... See more

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Big Bear's @vca Animal Hospital in the house! We are excited to receive their support in the coming year, which they jump started with a generous check that goes right into our trail system... ... See more

7 months ago
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This is where it all happens, folks. Our Board of Directors met last night for a memorable discussion in which we reviewed this past year and planned for the next one- and beyond. Things are looking ... See more

7 months ago

The Forest Service has begun work to reopen Grout Bay Picnic area!

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Big Bear today!

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