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October 2016

September 2016

What YOU can do right now for Trails.

Check out this graphic to understand what is going on with Forest Service funds. Then do something to help your trails.  Here are some options: Share your voice: Trails Meeting at Big Bear Discovery Center, This Monday 9/19, 5:30pm. Share your money: donate and get a sticker, hat or t-shirt. They are cool looking and our treasurer, Robert Prince, has been working hard at getting our backend financials set up and ready to go: Channel your Amazon purchasing power: go to and choose the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation as your charity. Share your time: jump in with [...]

August 2016

Jon Sacks, Sales Rep, Does Good and Supports Trails!

Jon, who is a sales rep for Kali Protectives, Ryders Eyewear, and KHS Bicycles, recently came to Big Bear and brought us a nice big check to offically adopt the Bluff Mesa Trail! This money goes directly into the Trails Foundation coffers to further support the cause of More and Better Maintained Trails in the Big Bear area. When he showed up, Jon had a whole crew of people with him, all having a great time in the evening after riding bikes all day. It's fantastic to see a sales rep giving back like this in Big Bear...THANKS JON!!!!

Trails Coordinator Hired, Meeting Moved to September

We've officially hired an outstanding candidate for our Trails Coordinator position. They will be starting later this month, and because of this, we're going to move our normal August meeting back to September. This will give us a chance to meet and greet properly, and let our candidate get a bit acclimated before we overwhelm them. So... Next Trails Foundation Meeting: Monday, September 19th, 5:30pm, Discover Center. See you then!

June 2016

Trails Coordinator JOB in Big Bear

Officially announced 6/4/2016, this position is supported by the Southern California Mountains Foundation, the City of Big Bear Lake, the County of San Bernardino, Big Bear Mountain Resorts, the United States Forest Service, and the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation. The position is year round, with benefits, and will pay from $50-$55k a year. The official employer is the Southern California Mountains Foundation. The Trails Coordinator will work to support the Adopt-A-Trail program and future trail development in the general Big Bear area. Let us know as you have questions...thanks!!! Here's the JOB DESCRIPTION Non-Motorized Recreational Trail Coordinator The Non-Motorized [...]

May 2016

National Trails Day June 4th EVENT

Volunteers Needed to Get Outdoors: National Trails Day; June 4, 2016 RSVP HERE Since 1993, National Trails Day, sponsored by American Hiking Society, has grown to inspire many thousands of people nationwide to celebrate and give back to the trails they love on one dedicated day.  America's 200,000 miles of trails allow access to our natural world for recreation, education, exploration, solitude, inspiration, and much more. National Trails Day events will take place in every state across the country and will include a local trail building event focused on the South Shore Trail Network, adjacent to Big Bear Lake, on [...]

April 2016

3 Newsworthy Items on Big Bear Trails and 1 bit of Commentary

National Trails Day Saturday June 4th. Big trail work day from 1-5pm, big BBQ, raffle, celebration afterward. We're using Snow Summit lower party area as our base. And the trail we are working on is… Fall Line Construction Begins in May. Working with the Southern California Mountains Foundation Crews, the USFS, the Trails Foundation, and with a helping hand from Snow Summit, we're finally getting started on this. Goal is to have either the upper or lower section open by the end of National Trails Day. Skyline East (Plumber's) Tweaks: the original goal of this trail was to get people [...]

Paid Trail Positions in Tourist Towns

We're pushing for the City of Big Bear Lake, Mammoth Mountain Resorts, the Southern California Mountains Foundation, the United States Forest Service, and the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation to all come together to support our recreational trails. In an effort to convince folks that this is something worth paying for, we had some research done on similar mountain towns and the manner in which they handle trails. Turns out that most similar mountain towns do recognize that TRAILS ARE IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO INVEST IN. REPORT: PAID TRAIL POSITIONS IN TOURIST TOWNS What do other mountain towns do for their [...]

Trail Work – Santa Ana River Trail Glass to Middle Control

Oh my goodness trees. 12 trees over the trail on the ever-popular Santa Ana River Trail, Glass Road to Middle Control Road Section. Tod Lusher and Mike Crowell, proud adoptees of this trail section, showed up fresh on a supposedly rainy Sunday April 10th and finished an exhausted 15 volunteer hours later. This is what happens when you get good people have well-maintained trails. And one nice, solid bridge (come on...the tree was too heavy to move!). Go go Adopt-A-Trail powers!

Trail Work – Santa Ana River Trail Spur B

Matt Lovell and his So Cal Trail Burners group braved the weather on April 9th, 2016, to give this spur trail the most love it's seen in many, many, many years. The Spurs of the Santa Ana River Trail connect the Barton Flats and San Gorgonio campgrounds to the trail, and Spur B goes all the way down to the actual Santa Ana River. Check out what 11 people can do in 6 hours through our Adopt-A-Trail program:  

March 2016

The Skinny on Chainsaws and a Certification Class

Yesterday Gavin, Calvin, Matt, and I (Driz) went out on the Santa Anna River Trail, South Fork to Glass Road Section. Mission was two fold; cut downed trees and scout a spur for Matt's Adopt-A-Trail group coming up on April 9th. The heavy winter snows knocked down many trees, so we removed 6 trees from the main SART trail. Technically, the USFS asks that volunteers working with them take a 2 day Chainsaw Class and be certified as a  Class A Sawyer before going out removing fallen trees from trails. (Add on that you need First Aid and CPR Certs [...]

December 2015

2016 Meeting Dates

Here's the schedule for 2016 Trails meetings, held at the Discovery Center on North Shore Drive in Big Bear Lake, CA. Attending each month are Board Members and Advisors. We wholeheartedly welcome other members of the public; please give us a bit of advance notice so we can add you to the agenda. Contact us here - Thanks! Tuesday, January 19th, 5:30pm Discover Center Monday, March 21st, 5:30pm Discover Center Monday, May 16th, 5:30pm Discover Center Monday, June 20th, 5:30pm Discover Center Monday, August 15th, 5:30pm Discover Center Monday, October 17th, 5:30pm Discover Center

October 2015

Get Involved: Trail Leadership Meeting October 19th, 6pm Discovery Center

We're getting down to the wire here in 2015 and it's important to make some solid plans for the future of the Trails Foundation here in Big Bear. Here's what we're looking at discussing this next Monday, October 19th at 6pm: FUTURE STRUCTURE Board Officers: a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer committed to attending 6 meetings a year. Board Members: 1-4 additional members of public committed to attending 6 meetings a year. Agency Advisors: do not vote on Trails Foundation items, but are involved in advising and representing important agencies. Committed to attending 4 meetings a year. Public Advisors: [...]

September 2015

Adopt-A-Trail Action Part 2

From 5/1/5015 through 9/6/2015: 540 hours of volunteer labor put into trails around Big Bear through our Adopt A Trail program. And NONE of this is Administrative or Office work. All dirt, all on your trails, through the work of YOU!!! From big groups to small collections of friends, it takes all kinds to care for our trails. See the complete list of trails and people, as well as information on how you can get involved in Adopt-A-Trail.            

August 2015

Adopt-A-Trail Action Part 1

So far so good with our Adopt-A-Trail program; we have 20 sections of trail adopted as of the beginning of August, 2015. From big groups to small collections of friends, it takes all kinds to care for our trails. See the complete list of trails and people, as well as information on how you can get involved in Adopt-A-Trail. Here are some pictures of the people generously helping out with Fern, Skyline and Castle Rock trails through this program: Sandra Simper and Robyn McQuade have been taking care of Fern Trail all summer long.   Sandra and [...]

Lake Fire Information on Trails

Beginning on June 17th, 2015, the Lake Fire burned parts of the San Bernardino National Forest, the San Gorgonio Wilderness, BLM land, and private land tracts in Southern California. Source documents can be found here. A good overview of the after burn situation can be found here, in the Burned Area Emergency Response Assessment (BAER) Power Point Presentation. Below are excerpts from the full Lake Fire Burned Area Report regarding Trails: S. Transportation System Trails: 37.6 miles Roads: 25.6 miles (NFS) 2) Trails Emergency conditions exist for specific trails and sections of trail within the burned area. These emergency conditions [...]

July 2015

Does the Forest Service litter in the Forest?

Give a hoot, don't pollute! Remember this saying? Woodsy the Owl encouraged many of us to keep our forest beautiful and put litter where it belongs; in the garbage can. For the most part, our trails in the Big Bear area are pretty free of trash, with some exceptions. Hit a bike trail, especially after a race, and you're likely to run across a gel wrapper. Wait until the snow melts at trails near roads, and you're bound to find scraps of sleds and trash left by snowplay tourists. If you spend much time out on the trails in our [...]

2 Ways to Volunteer on the Trails: 7/29 and 8/1

Action is headed your way...come join us! 1: Wednesday, July 29th build the Pirates Trail on the South Shore of Big Bear Lake 2: Saturday, August 1st be a Bike Valet at the Tour de Big Bear. Pirates Trail Build: Breaking Trail Day on 7/29! This used to be a mainstream hiking and biking trail, but back in 2011 it was made into a big dirt road to aid with fuels reduction activities. USFS officials promised that it would come back as a trail, and now it's finally happening. See the Grizzly article here. Wednesday, July 29th meet at the [...]

Field Assessment Data Collection

Currently available GIS Information includes all known routes in the forest, both system and non-system. Using this information as a basis, all non-system routes will be field verified and data will be collected. If additional routes are discovered, they will be walked and collected for insertion into GIS data set. Primary Objective: collect data on non-system routes to identify areas where human impact has created opportunities for hydrological erosion that are potentially damaging to the watershed. Secondary Objective: collect date and observations on non-system routes to identify the needs of non-motorized recreational trail users. Collection Data: Route Length: 100 meters [...]

June 2015

National Trails Day and Gary Keller Super Volunteer

This last Saturday saw 100+ people out in the woods working on the Pine Knot Trail up here in Big Bear for National Trails Day. Many fantastic things happened during the day, but for me the highlight was to be able to recognize Gary Keller in front of so many people for his good work, and present him with the Golden Pulaski Award. Gary has been with the Trails Foundation from the beginning and is an incredibly solid, dedicated and nice man. Time and again he's volunteered his time to work on trails, at events, and as the treasurer for [...]

May 2015

Trail Work 2015

  The Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation invites you to come wield a rake, mccleod, pulaski or shovel and get a bit dirty doing some good on the trails. 2015 Schedule Trail Work on Siberia Creek: May 16th. Big trails, big views, big commitment. This will be a full day of hiking down to our work area, opening up trail, having lunch, and then making our way back. Trail Work on National Trails Day: June 6th. We’ll be working with the Southern California Mountains Foundation to host a Trail Work Day on the South Shore network. Trail Work during the [...]

April 2015

Trails Update: Heading into Summer 2015

Most of the trail time this year has been spent exploring potential new trails and pouring over trail laws and regulations. Here we go... Big Bear Non-Motorized Recreational Trail Network Plan Big push right now is a long term trail network that connects all of the Big Bear Valley. This plan will utilize existing system trails, essential non-system trails, and necessary new connecting trails to provide access to the forest from both established trail heads as well as residential areas of the Big Bear Valley. With assistance from the USFS, we have a solid map of the entire Big Bear [...]

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Kodiak goes big time on the trail

Congratulations to our home-grown Kodiak! "Spartan, the world’s largest endurance brand, has tapped Kodiak to be the North American race in its new Spartan Trail World Championship this year." ... See more

Susie Schmelzer and Harald Zundel’s dedication running Big Bear’s annual Kodiak Ultra Marathon event has paid off big time. Spartan, the world’s largest endurance brand, has tapped Kodiak to be

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Chris Davis and his son Alex first volunteered for the Trails program in 2013, joining forces on the construction of the Skyline Trail. Chris found out about the project through the Grizzly newspaper ... See more

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The Outdoor Recreation Economy | IMBA

Did you know that the livelihoods of 7.6 million Americans depend on outdoor recreation? Learn more about how outdoor recreation creates revenue, supports healthy communities and generates jobs by ... See more

Produced by the Outdoor Industry Association. Outdoor recreation is among our nation's largest economic sectors, representing the lifeblood of thousands of American communities and providing ... See more

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USDA Forest Service announces challenge to increase focus on problems facing nation’s largest public trail system | US Forest Service

Want to get involved?

Contact the nearest forest or Southern California Mountains Foundation and Trails Program to get more information on what we are doing locally.

Join or organize a coalition of ... See more

Press Office (202) 205-1134 WASHINGTON February 11, 2020 - USDA Forest Service Chief Vicki Christiansen today emphasized the need to find innovative ideas to tackle the nearly $300 million ... See more

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Sign seen out on the Hawes Trail network near Mesa, Arizona this last weekend. Wonderful trail area full of riders, hikers, and wild horses. Technical in some areas, flowy in other parts, with the ... See more

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Hiker rescued on San Gorgonio

There are lessons to be learned every day while enjoying the great outdoors. No amount of luck can outweigh the value of preparedness.

Jack Sayers is counting his blessings Sunday, Feb. 2. Sayers, 40, of Los Angeles, was rescued by emergency personnel after being injured during a hike in the area of San

3 weeks ago
Recreational trails are seen as an economic boon - Marketplace

What an inspiration!

Cities around the country have long had to worry about roads. Now, with the help of volunteers, they’re also investing more heavily in trails.

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