Trail Patrol

Welcome to trails in the Big Bear Valley area of the San Bernardino National Forest, California! If you use a trail, regardless of the amount of time or what activity you’re engaged in, we need your first-hand report on the condition, signage, and other users.

Overall Condition of Trail?

Trails are not all created equal; some are meant to be smooth and even, and others rough and tumble. However, all trails should be free of obstructions, they should cause as little water and erosion damage as possible, and they should be easy to find and follow. Every trail needs maintenance on a regular basis, but we're interested in knowing what you think of the overall condition of this trail.

Time Spent Observing This Trail

How much time did you spend on the trail? Whether it's hiking, running, biking, riding a horse, eating lunch, or just sitting and enjoying a view, all of this counts as observation time. Times should be for observation in 1 day; if you are on the trail multiple days, please fill out multiple forms.

Signs and Directions

Were you able to find the trailhead easily? Were there trail signs that pointed the way along the route? Were the trail junctions with roads and other trails clearly marked? Was anything confusing?

Trail Maintenance Issues

In your opinion, are there any parts of the trail that need maintenance or fixes?

Trail User Observations

Did you see other trail users? If so, what type and how many? Do you have any other observations about the users of this trail?

General Comments

Any other notes, comments, suggestions, or critiques that you would like to share about this trail on this particular day?


Want to share pictures of the trail with us, whether it's suggested maintenance issues, signing problems, or other trail users? Maximum size 10MB

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Thanks very much for taking the time to tell us what’s going on out there on the trails!